Game code and assets created SmallTestAcount, AKA: Pixel Bytes, Alexa. 

Description: Stapling papers in the name of the game! Spin papers around to line up. Make sure your papers are close enough to not get a bad grade for your poor stapling skills.

Super Important Controls:

Start: 🔼 up

Move paper 1: Z X 

Move paper 2: ◀️▶️ Left/right

Use Stapler: 🔽down

Engine used: Pico-8 Fantasy Console

GenrePuzzle, Simulation
Made withPICO-8


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I like the concept, the graphics are well done, but I think the gameplay needed some sort of additional challenge. Maybe a third, unmoveable sheet and a time limit or scoring?

This game is adorable! It's a small but simple concept, and really well published. I think the grading could have been in red or something to make it pop out more, so people noticed the score. Overall, this just made me really happy <3

Loved this. Loved the text animation being tied to paper rotation. 100x more fun than real life stapling!

Neat idea.  I had to play it intentionally badly before I realized that I was getting scored, haha.  It might be a little too easy to get A+, or maybe that was an intentional commentary on the futility of trying to line up papers better before stapling, because it'll never be perfect, but nobody really minds, 'cause it's just a staple?  Either way, if you'd ilke to make it more challenging, you could make the player both translate and rotate the papers, 'cause then you'd have to get the centers to line up and orient them.  You could also have the motion of one paper slightly mess up the position/orientation of the other paper, so you have to keep readjusting them.  Anyway, I like the pixely look, and I hope you had fun making it. :)

Cool aesthetic, i really like the theme and the cover image. I couldn't really get what i was supposed to do though? are you supposed to rotate the papers until they line up perfectly? Otherwise cool little game you should be proud of your work :)

This is a neat little game but I couldn't really see if there was a score system or anything. But overall great game thanks for making it!